Ger: Mongolia’s First Web Magazine 

Editor-in-chief: David South (1998-1999) Logo design: P. Davaa-Ochir “The years 1998 and 1999 have been volatile ones for Mongolia, with revolving door governments, the assassination of a minister, emerging corruption, a banking scandal, in-fighting within the ruling Democratic Coalition, frequent paralysis within the Parliament, and disputes over the Constitution. Economically, the period was unstable and rife withContinue reading “Ger: Mongolia’s First Web Magazine “ | 2003 – 2020

The original website at (see below) was launched in 2003 and designed and built in London, UK. It served the book very well in the years after but, with the abrupt ending of business trading by the US server host, we have been prompted into revisiting a project that has been on the backContinue reading “ | 2003 – 2020”

Wild East 17 Years Later | 2000 – 2017

Published in 2000 (ECW Press: Toronto), Wild East: Travels in the New Mongolia is 17 years old. It is also 100 years since the 1917 October Revolution in Russia that began the long experiment of the Soviet Union. Mongolia was the second country after Russia to adopt Communism. Cover of the Canadian edition (2000) of Wild East: Travels in the NewContinue reading “Wild East 17 Years Later | 2000 – 2017”

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